Picture of Swingline 100X

Swingline 100X

Cross-Cut Office Shredder
Manufacturer: Swingline

Experience the productivity of hands free shredding.  The Swingline™ Stack-and-Shred™ shredder works without your supervision; just stack, shut and you're done.  Stack up to 100 sheets for automatic shredding at home or in the office.  Manual bypass handles 6 sheets of glossy, folded or crumpled paper.


  • Hands free shredding - just stack, shut and you're done
  • Auto+ jam clearance automatically reverses and re-feeds stuck papers to clear any jam. LED light indicates rare jams that require user action.
  • Cross-cut shredder meets moderate security needs (Level 3)
  • Shreds credit cards, paper clips, staples, documents into 7-gallon waste bin with view window
  • 100 sheet shred capacity on automatic operation, 6 sheet shred capacity on manual
  • Self Clean feature extends cutter life