Picture of Acroprint 125

Acroprint 125

A Heavy Duty Time Clock
Manufacturer: Acroprint

A heavy-duty punch clock such as the Acroprint Model 125 can handle thousands of print registrations per day. These dependable workhorses feature a tough, rust-resistant case that stands up to harsh environments. They're suitable for any size business. These versatile time clocks can be built to order with a variety of typewheel configurations including left-hand printing, Spanish month wheel and/or a symbol wheel. This model comes with a large, easy-to-read analog clock face.


  • Affordable time recording device.
  • Time recording Device for All Types of Remote Applications.
  • Quality-Built for Many Years of Service.
  • Versatile Print Registrations.
  • Easy to Set After Power Interruptions.
  • Model 125 Manual Print Allows Printing on Paper.