Picture of Acroprint timeQplus v3 Proximity

Acroprint timeQplus v3 Proximity

PIN Or Proximity Badge Time Recorder
Manufacturer: Acroprint

Employees clock in and out with a simple wave of their badge in front of the terminal, or via keypad entry. Supervisors can edit and approve the electronic time cards at the PC. The software automatically calculates hours worked and exports data to most popular payroll software and services including ADP® and QuickBooks®. Add more terminals any time; you can even mix biometric and proximity-badge terminals on the same system.


  • Ideally suited for small business with up to 50 employees who want to automate their time and attendance process. Easily manage addational employees with a 25 user software upgrade. Upgrade options can handle up to 250 employees.
  • User/Password protected. Never outdated, will accomodate future upgrades.
  • Can handle weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods including up to 12 shifts with two levels of overtime.
  • timeQplus software allows you to edit employee punches, view reports at your PC monitor, export data to 3rd party payroll programs, and save data to text file.
  • Multiple terminals available. Designed to work with QuickBooks, exports to popular payroll software.
  • Software or user interface available in English, Spanish and French.