Picture of Sharp EL-1197PIII

Sharp EL-1197PIII

12 Digit High Speed Calcualtor
Manufacturer: Sharp


  • Large Display - 12-digit (14.0 mm) blue fluorescent display with punctuation
  • Hi-Speed Ribbon Printer - prints at approximately 4.3 lines/sec. and is ideal for heavy duty office use.
  • Grand Total - adds the grand total of several calculations such as the total prices times units on an invoice.
  • Average Key - is used to find the "mean" or average.
  • Mark-Up Key - is used to perform mark-ups, cost/sell/margin calculations, percent changes, and automatic add-on/discounts.
  • Calendar / Clock Function - displays and prints date and time.
  • Additional Features - include mark-up/profit margin key, floating (F) or fixed decimal (6-3-2-1-0), add (A) and constant (K) modes, and item count. -Prints on standard paper roll and operates on AC power.
  • 4-Key Memory - includes memory plus, memory minus, recall and clear memory keys.