Accubanker AB1050 MGUV

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Do you need to detect counterfeit bills, count, organize, and manage your cash? Whether you run a small or medium sized business, the AB1050MGUV Bill Counter is right for you. This money counter uses a roller-friction feeding system for fast and accurate counting — up to 1,200 bills per minute. A simple keypad control allows you to have counted bills added and automatically separated into batches. Additionally, this bill counter incorporates an ultraviolet proofing system for detecting counterfeit currency. This counter is an indispensable aid for banks, supermarkets, movie theaters, retail locations and any other business environment were cash is transacted and counting/counterfeit controls are required.


  • Saves time and labor costs
  • Reduces losses due to human error
  • Anyone can use it
  • High speed – 1200 bills/minute
  • Integrated counterfeit detection systems (MGUV)
  • Micro-computerized for accuracy and batching
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Three-year warranty
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