Accubanker AB5200

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AccuBANKER’s AB5200 quickly and accurately counts bills with the operator’s health in mind. The AB5200 includes a dust cover to minimize the amount of dust and debris transmitted to the operator during counts. The AB5200 is AccuBANKER’s fastest bill counter, with counting speeds ranging from 600 to 1900 bills per minute. The AB5200 comes readily equipped with integrated counterfeit detection systems (UV/MG). It also comes with a built-in bill size detector; visibly and audibly alerting the user when double, short, chained, or half notes are detected. The external display provides accountability, allowing tellers to visibly display their counts.


  • Front-loading feed mechanism
  • Variable counting speeds: 1900, 1200, 1000 or 600 bills per minute
  • Computerized counting, adding and batching functions
  • Retractable dust cover
  • Auxiliary display
  • Integrated magnetic ink (MG) and ultraviolet (UV) counterfeit detection systems
  • Three year manufacturer warranty
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