Accubanker AB650PLUS

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The AB650PLUS is a high capacity coin counter compatible with US coins. Similar to its predecessor, the AB650, but with a higher hopper capacity of up to 5000 coins. It is ideal for businesses that handle a lot of coins like amusement parks, arcades, Laundromats, and collection centers. Its high speed of 2500 coins/min allows for quick counting and its batching capabilities facilitate the bagging process. This unit is also equipped with an extra rejection drawer to separate objects that were mixed in with the coins. It is built with strong and resistant material for a longer service life.

  • Hopper Capacity 5000 coins (depending on denomination)
  • US coins
  • Adjustable Thickness & Diameter
    • Diameter Range:
      15 – 35 mm (0.59 – 1.38 in)
    • Thickness Range:
      1.0 – 3.5 mm (0.03-0.15 in)
  • High Speed of 2500 coins per minute
  • Counting/Adding/Batching
  • Rejection Drawer
  • Reduces losses due to human error
  • Easy to use
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