Accubanker AB7100

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The AB7100 is the perfect solution for a fast, accurate and reliable banknote counting process.

Bill Counting: The unit allows for mixed denomination count to obtain the total amount of money (value) as well as the partial results for every denomination in a single counting operation. It also scans all the serial numbers of the counted bills.

Counterfeit Detection: This machine is equipped to check the Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG), Infrared (IR), and Size Detection (DD) security features on bills. The UV detection feature checks the authenticity of the paper. The MG detection checks that the ink on the bill has magnetic properties.The IR detection does a pattern analysis of each bill’s denomination. The DD detection verifies the correct size of the bill being scanned.

Its versatility allows the user to process cash using different operating modes depending on the user need: MIX-COUNT-SORT

MIX: Used to count mixed denominations of bills (USD). The result is the total amount of money as well as quantity of bills counted.

COUNT: Used to count USD when their fitness condition is poor and are rejected in MIX mode. The unit works as a conventional bill counter in this mode. The result is the quantity of bills counted.

SORT: In this mode the unit memorizes the first denomination scanned, then will compare the rest of the bills with this denomination. When a different denomination is found, the unit will stop counting to allow the user to remove the bill. The result will be all the bills that belong to the same denomination.


  • Reliable, Fast, Versatile and easy operation
  • Suitable to count Mixed denomination bills to obtain a final total amount of money
  • Counterfeit Detection: DD, UV, MG, and IR.
  • Currency currently available for MIX mode:
             – US Dollar
  • Shows TOTAL and PARTIAL result
  • Easy software update procedure when new bills are launched
  • Auxiliary external display
  • Hopper Extension Clips (Included)
  • USB and Printer interface connection
  • Variable counting speeds (800-1000-1200 bills/minute)
  • Dual voltage permits to work from 110 to 220 Volt
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Three-year warranty
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