BioTime: Multimedia Fingerprint Device for Time & Attendance

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BioTime is the perfect and most advanced solution for keeping track of employee attendance. It is designed for companies with up to 3,000 employees

Employees can log in with their fingerprint, proximity card (via a built-in reader), or through a password typed on the keyboard.

  • Screen: Pleasant color screen with up to ten custom images. It shows employees their picture when they perform a record.
  • Sound: Verification functions have audible voice prompts indicating the result of the operation.
  • Verification: Employees can be registered by their fingerprint, proximity card (via a built-in reader), or by typing a password. They may combine these methods at will or the
    user may require any employee to use a particular one.
  • Connection: The device may be connected to a computer for the online collection of all records. The connection can be via TCP/IP (the usual network).
  • Offline mode: Download the records with any USB device and upload them to a computer for their analysis with our software.
  • Large capacity: Open license to store up to 3,000 fingerprints without any restrictions.
  • Software: The package includes specialized software and its manual, in both English and Spanish, for the analysis of records made on the device. The user may connect several
    devices to the same program.
  • High-Quality reader: The fingerprint reader is made of glass, not coated with a silicone pad, which may be damaged or broken, disabling the reader. This ensures the device a
    long life.
  • Bell: You can use an internal bell included in the reader to announce shift changes.
  • Webserver: The user can connect the device and perform administrative functions by
    typing the device’s IP address on any internet browser.
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