JX3135F - 17 Stitch

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Customize your Brother JX3135F, the only machine on the market that allows you to choose between 3 different designs that adapt to your style. It is perfect for those who want to start in the world of sewing. It is a light machine that can be transported anywhere. With 38 stitch functions, you can make unrivaled applications. It has LED light for better visibility and energy savings, 4-step buttonhole and much more. With the Brother JX3135F you can expand your creativity to carry out countless projects in your home.


  • 17 stitches
  • Free arm for sewing cuffs and other hard-to-reach areas
  • Automatic 4-step buttonhole
  • You can personalize your machine with Fashion Faces ™ decorative covers!
  • Automatic winding system
  • Quick change presser foot
  • Variety of stitch length and width
  • Built-in accessory compartment
  • Light and compact with built-in handle for portability
  • Accessories storage space: Yes, built-in
  • Accessories feet included: Zigzag Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Button Foot, Zipper Foot
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