Canon HS-1200TS

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The Canon HS-1200TS may be small in terms of dimensions, but this portable desktop calculator is enhanced with many sophisticated features. The 12-digit, upright angled, liquid crystal display provides large, easy-to-read numbers for maximum viewing comfort. The display indicates the operation symbol (+, -, x, ÷) during a calculation and will also show the equals sign (=) when your result is displayed. The high-quality keys on the HS-1200TS incorporate a “PC-like” keyboard touch to help confirm data entry with every press of a key. This enhanced accuracy will assist you when calculating important business and sales numbers such as the cost, selling price or the desired profit margin of an item.


  • 12 digits.
  • Profit margin calculation.
  • Quick and easy tax calculation.
  • Square root, sign change, and memory keys.
  • Attractive metallic design.


  • Display Type- LCD
  • Digits Displayed- 12 digits
  • Angled display
  • Decimal Point System-  + (Add mode), 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, F (Floating position)
  • Delta Percentage Calculation- No
  • Rounding- up / off / down
  • Tax Calculation Tip-Yes
  • Currency Conversion- No
  • Clock/Calendar- No
  • Automatic Power-off
  • Approx. 7 minutes
  • Battery & Solar (Yes/No): Yes
  • Sign Change- Yes
  • Item Count- No
  • Mark-up/down- No
  • Cost/Sell/Margin- Yes
  • Memory- Yes
  • Grand Total- Yes
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