Casio PCR-T280

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  • 5 Department Keys– for quick and easy item transaction entries and categorizing sales.  An additional 15 department (max. 20) categories are available through a department shift key to provide more product grouping.
  • 1200 Price Look Ups– to provide individual item control.  The PLU function is a number assigned to an item that also has a price associated to it providing individual item sales.
  • 8 Clerk Totals– allow you to track sales by eight different operators.
  • Quiet High Speed Thermal Printer– to be used as either a customer receipt printer or a journal printer to record all the store’s activity.
  • Mode Lock with Key Control– provides multiple operation positions through a physical keys.  Two keys are provided, OP key allows only registration and the PGM key provides access to all positions.
  • 4 Tax Rates– provide multiple taxes to used on calculated on selected keys.
  • Anti-Microbial Keyboard– offering protection from various bacterial germs they may collect on the cash register keys
  • Calculation Function– is a mode lock position to provide easy and quick mathematical calculations outside a transaction.
  • NEW Multi-purpose Tray– for holding money while calculating change for a transaction or for holding loose change
  • 3 Payment Keys– Cash, Check, Charge
  • Built-in customer display
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