MAX USA BH-11F Portable Electric Stapler

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The MAX BH-11F All in One Stapler. This Portable Electronic Stapler is convenient to use anywhere and anytime. Slick compact lightweight design. User friendly easily switch from plug in to battery operated. Dual direction design, place horizontally or vertically. Staples 2 to 35 sheets with beautiful flat clinch finish. Extremely quiet noiseless operation. Professional quality continuous stapling. Automatic touchless equipment. Corner stapling. Easy staple loading. Uses MAX No.11-1M. Loads 100 staples and has a staple storage compartment which stores a box of 1,000 staples.
  • Convenient to use anywhere and anytime
  • Dual Power use with Battery or Plug-in AC adapter
  • Dual direction design, place horizontally or vertically based on the location, situation, and your preference
  • Professional quality continuous stapling
  • Touchless automatic equipment
  • Extremely Quiet Noiseless design for office environment
  • Powerful staple up to 35 sheets of copy paper with MAX unique No.11-1M thin wire staples
  • Flat Clinch finish, staple closes flat, papers stack neatly and evenly. Save as much as 25% filing space
  • User Friendly adjustable stapling depth
  • Corner stapling
  • Easy push button staple loading
  • Very convenient staple storage compartment holds a box of 1,000 staples
  • Uses MAX No.11-1M staples. A box of 1,000 staples included
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