Max Vaimo 11 Flat Clinch 35-Sheet Compact Stapler

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Max staplers have top-notch quality while still being stylish and fun. This Max Vaimo 11  Flat Clinch 35-Sheet Compact Stapler is ergonomically designed to pack a punch with every staple. This simple machine can staple together up to 35 pages at once. This Vaimo 11 compact stapler creates a flat clinched staple, making it easier to carry, stack, and handle. T


  • Colors: Blue / Red / Black
  • Stapling Capacity:35 Sheets
  • Load Capacity: 100 Staples
  • Recommended Staples:MAX 11-1M
  • Handy, compact size
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Part Number: MAX HD-11FLK-BLK
  • Warranty:1 year on parts and 90 Days on labor


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