Swingline ClassicCut 9115A Pro Guillotine Trimmer 15″

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Easily create professional quality cuts on documents, photos and artwork with the ClassicCut® Pro Guillotine Trimmer. Its self-sharpening guillotine blade and alignment grid make this trimmer simple to use, while the sturdy wood base and metal cutting arm ensure that it will last through job after job.


  • Trimmer is perfect for creating clean, professional looking cuts on papers, photos, artwork and more
  • Durable wood base withstands heavy use and keeps the trimmer stable during cutting
  • Metal cutting arm with guillotine blade swings open and closed to effortlessly make straight cuts on photos and documents
  • Blade self sharpens during use so trimmer continues to make clean cuts on every job
  • Alignment grid and dual scale ruler ensure cuts are always exact
  • Guard rail keeps fingers safely away from blade while the trimmer is in use
  • Blade latch hook keeps the trimmer arm locked in place while not in use
  • 15″ cutting length is ideal for most common trimming projects
  • Cuts up to 15 sheets at once
  • Limited 10 year warrant
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